I'm obsessed with people and the interactions that they have on and off the web and the way that they think and feel. Back in the day I wanted to study genetics because I thought understanding the human body was beautiful — it was incredibly interesting to know how and why people are the way that they are. Although I went on to study English Lit (orgo got the best of me) the passion for finding this deeper understanding was still there.

Years later, when I discovered UX Design I felt the same sort of intrigue and intimacy that I had felt about genetics, that it was a chance to understand people - to know who they are at their core, what matters to them and why. Since 2015 I've been solving these challenges, advocating for users and trying to make the world a better place, one user flow at a time.

TLDR: Maria = obsessed with people, sucks at organic chemistry, loves UX Design.